Limeloot Art Badge Reel

Limeloot Art Badge Reel
Limeloot Art Badge Reel
Limeloot Art Badge Reel
Limeloot Art Badge Reel

Limeloot Art Badge Reel

$ 9.99

Product Description

No Twist Back + Non-Serrated Clip

Limeloot badge reels have a no-twist back to keep your badge reel always looking straight. Additionally, our non-serrated clip protects your clothing while holding your badge reel in place.

Protected and Easy to Clean

Our badge reels are protected with clear Mylar, a material that it makes it easy to clean your badge reel and keep it looking great for years to come.

Quality Build

Our designs are fun, but we take quality seriously. Limeloot badge reels are made with high-quality ABS plastic material and re-inforced interior components to withstand prolonged daily use.

Extra Long Nylon Cord

Our extra-long nylon cords are 36" when fully extended. This allows you to reach badge or id scanners easily.

No Twist Back

Frida Kahlo

I'll be there for you

Turkey Sandwich

Sunflower Floral Skull American Flag Mermaid Nurse
Size 1 1/4" 1 1/4" 1 1/4" 1 1/4" 1 1/4"
Cord Extenstion 36" 36" 36" 36" 36"
  • A beautiful and cute design set on a 1.25 inch diameter badge reel
  • We use high quality, tough badge reels with extra long 36 inch nylon cord that allows you to swipe your badge easier.
  • Perfect for all settings where a dependable and stylish badge holder is desired. Nurses, doctors, teachers, and office workers love our reels!
  • No Twist Swivel Swing clip is easier on your clothes than serrated alligator clips and keeps your reel facing forward and looking great

Limeloot Art Badge Reel

$ 9.99